My Hope

This retreat has consumed my mind, and it is a good thing. For so long the majority of my thoughts were consumed with me. What I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. How I could be better but how I always failed. How I missed things because I blatantly forgot, or how I avoided things that would have probably been good for me. How I acted like a brat to my kids or husband, how I had been selfish or lacking in someway. How I lost my temper and if I had just prayed more or read the bible more or just been a better christian I wouldn’t struggle this way.

There was one day, I had clarity. I could see my bucket of energy and I knew exactly what filled it and what emptied it. I had just spent three of the most glorious days in Tennessee and they were without my husband or my kids. Just to be clear my favorite time is with my husband, and I love my time with my kids but this was different. In the total of the three days, not one thing drained me, NOT ONE! My activities were either neutral or fulfilling. I had never felt that way before. This was the first time I had gone on a trip by myself since I had become a mom, 7 years earlier. SEVEN.

During those three days I was cooked for, I slept without interruption or fear of a kid getting into something. I spent time with people who made me laugh, hard, and who loved me to literal tears. I bought myself things, with money I had budgeted, guilt-free. I was creative, I painted with a rare and crucial friend. We drank wine and worked on our canvases, using colors that spoke to us, experimenting with different tools and brushes. Then when we couldn’t think of anything else to make them better, we switched. They became a weird, swirl of the two of us. We didn’t care if we didn’t want to hang them in our homes it was the process. It was the time we spent doing it. I will forever remember that night and those three days.

Do you feel it? That sigh of relief. The longing for what I felt? That is what I want the retreat to be. I want to give that feeling. I want to give a hyper sensitivity to our energy, and I want to only fill, and fill, and fill.

“Come to me, those who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

We are not meant to conquer life. We are not even meant to be good at it, not even a little. It is suppose to be hard and challenging. Its not a question of if, its WHEN we are weary and burdened, God will give us rest. When we are weak, HE will be strong for us. Time and time again it is made known that we need to be fully dependent on God. So why are we surprised when we struggle? Why are we disappointed in ourselves for once again falling short. We will always be short. We will always be needy. If we weren’t, unfortunately we would never turn to God, we would never look to Him, we would never acknowledge Him. Maybe I shouldn’t say never, but it would be a rare occurrence. Because of our strength and capability we would spend our time praising ourselves, and not give a glance to the One who created us. So, stop. Stop beating yourself to a pulp. You will never be any better at this life then you have been in the past. All you can do is fall into the arms of God. Give up the effort of trying to take His place and find a joy in knowing that it is not your responsibility.

When we let our minds race with insults about falling short we are wasting energy and when this is happening all day, everyday we are expending exponential amounts of valuable energy. And as a mother, that is energy I am unable to live without. Instead, let God take the worry, the fear and the doubt away. If you need it, spend the weekend with me in January to help understand how to let go of each area of our lives so we can focus on what really matters. So we are spending more time filling up then emptying out. That is my hope for the retreat and for you.



About a month ago I got this phrase stuck in my head. WELL + PLENTY. I wanted to be well, cured of my annoying ailments and I wanted to have plenty, not just in my relationship with God but in all of my relationships. My relationship with myself, my body, my mind, and my relationship with my home. We are plagued by “fine”. If we are fine then we don’t try for more. All of the sudden I was becoming acutely aware of my desire for more. Abundance even.

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.”  -John 10:10

How would it start? My mind would have to be completely transformed and renewed. I had a vision of women coming to my home, peacefully and quietly we welcomed the Spirit to come and gently renew our perspectives and views of ourselves and each other. Of our surroundings and situations, of every area of our lives until we look a little more like Him. I wanted to incorporate Holy Yoga but I didn’t want it to be about the yoga. I wanted it to be about lifting the veil of this world out of our eyes so we could see more clearly. God surrounds us and lives in us but so many days I can’t feel Him or see Him move on my behalf. If I were able for just a moment to lift the veil of life enough to lock eyes with Him I might understand. In my worst moment I realized I had based my relationship with God on my feelings, and when I was numb with depression, I couldn’t “feel” Him. I feared I had no relationship with Him at all. I want to share this with other people and help them see God for who he is and who they are through His eyes, despite feelings. That is just one of the topics I want to cover. Lets renew our minds on our body image and how we nourish our bodies, on how we take care of our homes and the place they hold in our hearts. Lets touch on every area of our lives and tilt it a little more towards Jesus.

This vision birthed WELL + PLENTY mini retreats, the first of which is happening January 12 +13th of 2018. I am so excited and scared and overwhelmed. I want the women that feel tired and overwhelmed with life with a husband, kids, work, the house and health to come and get encouraged. The WELL + PLENTY mission statement is:

To live a life that is completely at peace with each of its subparts: including but not limit to: Mind, Body, Soul, Heart, Past, Present, Future, and People. For that life to be healthy in every sense of the word. This is WELL.

To live a life of abundance, existing wholly in God’s will, fluctuating between simple needs met and receiving above and beyond expectation. Not just to receive but to be filled only to pour out according to our natural, life-giving calling. This is PLENTY.

There is a purpose and a future here. No matter how many times I question, I know that is truth. Ultimately, I have nothing to give but Jesus. I’m thankful that is all we need.

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