Well + Plenty Mini Retreats

WELL + PLENTY is a Lifestyle


Living a life that is well with your soul, where you are at peace with your past, present and future. Not only at peace with yourself but with each person you hold dear. Your mind, body, heart and soul are at peace with each other. If you envision your brain and all the nerve endings and when there is pain somewhere there is a radiating red light. A life that is well with your soul has no red lights, anywhere, in all the web of your life everything you are connected to is at peace.

  • Mind: take thoughts captive, learn to see lies and replace them with truths, to solidify your faith in God. Meditation is the purest form of medicine for your mind, to help battle fear, anxiety, doubt, satan’s lies and so much more.
  • Heart: To choose love in all situations. To make decisions out of our love for something or someone. To fill gaps of knowledge with love.
  • Body: To love your body where it is now, to love it into the body you are suppose to have. (When eating well + plenty the goal is for your body to be healed and find its optimal weight, naturally. Without weighing or calorie counting as the focus.) Finding an exercise that promotes a well body and is enjoyable, this might take time but it is the best bet for health.
  • Soul: A deep connection to your true, authentic self. The person God is calling you to be. The most natural, unforced state of yourself. To understand that the calling God has on your life is the most joyful, and fulfilling thing you can do.
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Family Members
  • Close Friends
  • Check for any Guilt, Shame, Unforgiveness, triggers of trauma throughout.



Living the abundant life God has instore for you. Abundant is more than enough but I believe God will meet your needs first. There is a space between these two that is ideal. God has His ways and purposes that are far beyond my comprehension but I know His desire is to bless us and to finish the good work he started for us so if we are in tune to His will for our lives I believe we float somewhere between our needs being met and an abundance of blessings.  

  • Food: Eating well + plenty is simple but so difficult to choose from the standard american diet. It is whole foods, cooked simply and eating to the brim of fullness. When eating foods that good for you, that serve multiple purposes including riding of hunger, nourishment that leads to healing, and energizing your body moves towards optimal health, wellness and form. Within the substances that you are consuming you are looking for an abundance of what it should be: nutrients, and energy giving. This is trying to find ways of getting the most (quantity) of the best (quality).
  • Money: money seen for one’s own advancement leads to money being that ones god. They only see things that can benefit themselves. But seeing money as God’s, as a resource to show love and kindness, to be the vessel that God uses to meet needs is a completely different capacity. We want to view our money that way; as a gift, as a way to show love, and as a way to meet needs. “Where you spend your money, is where your heart is”
  • Relationships: Abundant relationships doesn’t have to mean a ton of people. There can be an abundant joy coming from a select few. You know if you are the type to enjoy many people or a few. Love deep, not just wide. We are called to love those that will be hard to love but these are not the people to be filled by, spend more time with those you want to learn from and get filled up by and less time but quality time with those that need to be filled.
  • Career: An abundant career again isn’t focused on just money. It is a fulfillment. It is a knowing that you are doing the thing that you are suppose to be doing, that uses gifts God has given you and it is fulfilling you.
  • Calling: This may or may not be your career. Your career can be your calling or it can make it possible for you to do your calling.
  • Passions: You inner most important desires. The things you daydream about doing. You need to do them, at least try them and if they aren’t for you, then you will know and can stop wondering. I like to think of them as urges. Deep inside when you see sand you want to take your shoes off and walk on it, sifting the sand between your toes… an urge. This brings you joy and pleasure of the purest kind. Stay attuned to your urges, this is the best form of self-care.
  • Space, time, margin: When all things come into abundance you have choices to make, a rhythm to find that uses gifts, creates fulfillment, furthers the kingdom and creates margin for those entrusted to you by God, find this rhythm, its not a balance as it is ever changing and the rhythm may not be consistent but it is a constant shift and change we need to become aware of.


How does this affect everyday life? Laundry, dishes, keeping of the house, schoffering, scheduling, school, work, dates, holidays.

  • Systems: finding the simplest system for each area of life. Running every decision through a well + plenty filter… does this inhibit or increase a life that is well + plenty? The goal is to spend as little time on the ineffective necessaries of life. Laundry has to get done, if you do not have the means to pay someone to do it, then finding the simplest, most efficient systems is optimal for freedom in this area.
  • Activities: individuals will want to be in activities, you have to find the amount that works best for them and for the family as a whole. When there is still adequate time together, time away from each other (needed), when the activity is building self-esteem, self-confidence, deeper knowing of self, deeper relationship with God or those closest to them. Equipping them with life skills or finding their passions/gifts, developing them. This activities are priceless and necessary for contentment.
  • Work: There is a level of hard work needed to survive and survive well. Sacrifice is a non-avoidable element to life. There is a need for lessons for ourselves and our children in this area.
  • Money: being a good steward of your possessions is vital. This is more than money but money can lead to total disaster and corruption. So focusing on this area is not a choice. Money should be budgeted and filtered just like every other area of life, what you do with your money is a good representation of what your inner workings look like.
    • Tithe: the first 10%, given back to God, represents our acknowledgment that all we have belongs to Him and He is entrusting us with it.
    • Generosity: Giving: Gifts. How much do we desire good gifts? If we were to focus on being the giver instead of the receiver how would our hearts change towards God and people.
    • Necessities: This takes a sharp eye, unemotional and untied to earthly, material things. What is the base necessities to live your life, the way God is calling you.
    • Core Wants: This are the things I spoke of under activities. Money that needs to be spent in effort of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical health and wellness. Finding and cultivation the true self and the truest relational ties.
    • Everything else. Are these things helpful? If not, get rid of them.

Our bodies are so intertwined with our emotions and mental and spiritual states. When we are stressed in any area, it doesn’t matter, that stress plays a toll on our health. The way we feel. We can have physical reactions to something mental, emotional reactions to something physical, and every possible combination in between. We have to recognize this web over our lives. We have to stay aware of its health and vitality. Because in its health is our ability to stay focused on what really matters, it helps us prioritize appropriately and have energy for those priorities. Children over the stress formed by headaches. When we live in chronic pain we can no longer stay aware or focused on what matters most. We must take care of ourselves, find rest and recharge in order to maintain the focus God is asking of us, our focus on Him, and what he has called us to passionately give our lives to. We will want to do this calling, it is the most natural and life-giving thing we can do. Let’s take the time to reset our whole selves in order to clearly see that calling and run after it.

WELL + PLENTY Mission Statement:

To live a life that is WELL with your soul and abundantly PLENTY.



Next W+P Events:

*each workshop and retreat will require 8 people to be signed up and paid by end of enrollment in order to proceed. Prices will vary according to event, check Instagram for opening and closing of enrollment.

January 26th Systems Workshop: with Guest Jenna Worthen Saturday from 9-2. This workshop will include a light breakfast, lunch, a print kit, Jenna Worthen’s Task Keeper and more.

February 22+23 Rest Retreat: from Friday at 6pm through Saturday at 2pm. This will be a time for you to learn how you best rest, how to give yourself permission and schedule it in advance. This retreat will include dinner, breakfast and lunch, an overnight stay and more.

April 6th Enneagram Workshop: Saturday from 9-2. This is a condensed walkthrough of the Enneagram. I am not a professional but I can help introduce you to this personality tool. This workshop includes a light breakfast, lunch and a print kit.

April Graduates (dates tbd): This will be one or two days for young women about to graduate high school. They will have a safe place to talk about what to expect and how to handle the 4ish years to come. We will also touch on the enneagram. This will include meals, an overnight stay (if needed), print kit and more.

May McAlester Retreat: Working on making this an annual thing!! More information to come.

June Foodie’s Retreat or Workshop: with Guest Mandy Meehan. More information to come.

August 30 +31st Couples Retreat: with Guest Stephen Cole. This will be a fun and relaxing time to reconnect, THIS IS NOT COUNSELING. We just want to spend time with you to help any way WE can. This retreat will include dinner, breakfast and lunch, an overnight stay at a hotel near us and more.

September Tennessee Retreat: Working on making this an annual thing! More information to come.

October 19th Maker’s Workshop: Come and learn out to make crafts to help you through the Holiday Season. This will include Breakfast and Lunch and materials for crafts.

November 8+9th Rest Retreat: from Friday at 6pm through Saturday at 2pm. This will be a time for you to learn how you best rest, how to give yourself permission and schedule it in advance. This retreat will include dinner, breakfast and lunch, an overnight stay and more.

November 21st Annual W+P Friendsgiving!!! To end the year strong.