Well + Plenty Mini Retreats




Next Mini Retreat:

REVIVE : April 13 +14 at M’lea’s Home in Edmond, OK (subject to change).

If you missed the opportunity for the first WELL + PLENTY Mini Retreat thats ok!! You have three more opportunities in 2018. These events are for the main purpose of waking up the soul of the believer, but it can be used by God any way he chooses. This mini retreat will build on the first and the others after will continue building. They can be experienced one time or come to all of them. They will change your perspective on life to a more “Well” and “Plenty” mentality. It will start Friday evening in my home at 6pm and run until about 10:00 that night. You will be dismiss to your homes or hotels (not included in price), then continue Saturday morning at 8am and finish up around 8pm that evening with a break mid day.

These two days are dedicated to you. They will include events and gifts specifically picked for the purpose of the retreat centered around REVIVE

“Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles” -Psalms 119:50

This concept can revive ourselves, our relationships with God, revive our love for Him and hopefully gain more of a perspective like his. We will experience Holy Yoga together. We will learn something new through a workshop and we will be honest, vulnerable, and encouraging.

If you feel tired, exhausted, stuck, lost, paralyzed, hopeless, forgotten, incapable, overwhelmed, unloved… come. I want to show you how much you are loved, how much you are known, where the source of hope and energy comes from.

Come and be REVIVEd.

Twelve spots are available, the cost is $250, email mlea.cole@gmail.com with questions. Early bird enrollment of $215 starts February 1st and lasts the whole month. Check out the WELL + PLENTY blog post to learn how this idea came about.