So in the last month or so of my pregnancy and the first couple months of my boy’s life I have been completely out of my mind. I would like to say I am all-consumed with him, leaving no room for anything else but if I’m completely honest the lack of energy has left me wasted. I have had to push myself so much harder to do the bare minimum. My personality would really love to just hibernate through tough times but I don’t have that has a viable option so I slink by doing as little as possible. This means blogging, posting for W+P, planning, yogaing… pretty much everything outside of keeping my kids, husband and myself alive has been pushed to the side. WELL I’M (trying to be) BACK (mostly)!!!

Lets play a little catch up, shall we?

First thing you have missed is the last WELL + PLENTY Mini Retreat RELENT, at the end of August. Nine beautiful ladies attended with a couple return attendees. I was 34 weeks pregnant so I slowed everything waaay down, thinned out the schedule and handed off as much as I could. In the past I had felt like I had packed too much into it and that the women were tired when they left, I really wanted them to feel energized. One of the areas I needed all the help I could get was food. I asked my friend, Kelli Lopez, to help. Not having to worry about the most time consuming part of the retreat freed up my body and mind to focus on the women not to mention she did a phenomenal job. The food was beautiful, healthy and most importantly tasty.  I view the food at these retreats a gift, just like the ever-loved candle and match set I give out. Speaking of gifts, I might have over done it this time around. I am a crazy gift giver and didn’t know when to stop this time I guess. On the tables were recipe card holders stamped with the W+P logo, inside were ten blank recipe cards, Meal planning and grocery list pads, stainless steel straws, reusable food wrap, and a dish brush and soap holder. On their beds were a self-love gift with the candle, matches and chocolates. At the end of the retreat I gave out the print kits and necklaces… I had all the ideas and only one last retreat to execute them. (I have a really hard time prioritizing.)

Dinner was the first item on the schedule, the tables were set perfectly which adds to the “Wow” factor when the women first arrive. Durning dinner I had conversation starters at each place setting. We talked and got to know each other. I loved doing this instead of the ice breaker because it was organic with zero pressure and I didn’t have to get up.

I moved the schedule around removing one of the two Holy Yoga sessions and brought in Sarah Hall to teach. This was next on the agenda and a huge hit but I didn’t expect anything less. Sarah taught me, she is the one who ignited the fire within me to teach and walk people through this amazing experience. I will always strive to hit her level. She is effortless and intuitive and knew exactly what the women needed. I think each person got something out of their time with Sarah, many tears and at the end soft hearts. After yoga the women came back to the kitchen for more mingling and relaxing with tea and some of Kelli’s amazing coconut cream pies.

The next morning I left open. With a buffet styled breakfast the women could come early or lated depending on what they needed. The next four hours were dedicated to the Enneagram. I am not a professional or a certified instructor but I offer it at the retreats open handed. “Here is the information, do with it as you please” type mentality. I have read multiple books so I can answer some questions but more so I like to help guild the women on their journey of self-awareness and self-love. The women were open and honest and able to encourage each other in a way I think was desperately needed. They learned about how their childhood has effected how the function today. How little things build but how we have power over them as soon as we recognize it. The Enneagram is a path, road and these women have started a journey.


I ended the retreat like every other, with a necklace and a word of encouragement. WELL + PLENTY is a mentality, a lifestyle… “To live a life that is WELL with your soul and abundantly PLENTY”. God has so much for us, but some how we stand in our own way holding tightly to our insecurities and poorly created view of ourselves, thinking we can’t, we could never, we lack… when He has given us everything we need. He meticulously knitted us together with each of our days in mind, equipping us with all we need, HIM. We just have to figure out the gifts he created us with and offer them back to Him, “whatever you want me to do God, I’ll do it”

My prayer for the women, all 45 that attended a WELL + PLENTY Mini Retreat, is simply this: I pray you see yourself or God more clearly after a retreat. That something shifts, greatly or ever so slightly. That you extend more grace to yourself and have the strength to step into the plan God has for you, with your whole self. That life seems more manageable and that the important things are made known. Amen

(Not pictured: McAlester Retreat)

My word for 2018 was “Capable”. I almost can’t believe all God had in store for me. Even though I rarely felt capable, I didn’t let it stop me. This year has taught me so much, that I’m stronger than I ever knew, that I have something to give, that I love loving people and that God had a plan all along.

Thank you God for your strength and direction. Thank you to my husband who spoke encouragement over me on a regular basis. Thank you to my friends who constantly lifted me up. Thank you to everyone who gave, donated and sponsored spots for deserving women. I am forever grateful for 2018 and for WELL + PLENTY.


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