Meet M’lea

family-pic-2016Hello.  My name is M’lea… muh-lee-ah.  Good!  Okay, where do I start…

About me:

I am an Interior Designer/family obsessed/yogi.  I want to dabble in everything.  The blog portion of my website is dedicated to my life, my struggles, my epiphanies and so on. I don’t filter much so that you can relate, empathize and possibly be encouraged in your faith.

I have an incredible husband, seriously my favorite person on earth.  We have spent 10 years together and I cannot wait for the next 10 and the 10 after that and so on.

I have three girls, yes all girls.  Stella is 7 and she is loving 1st grade.  Zoe is 4 and all she wants in life (right now) is to go to school like her sister.  And then little (not so little) Jovie, she is 2 and a ball of sweetness and joy.  I have really great, smart, funny, sweet, energetic kids. The blog covers our journey on trying for a forth. It has been a rocky road, but we are still hopeful.


About The Machine House:

The Machine House is my “consulting” business.  I use quotations because consulting sounds so formal. It is my way of doing what I do best to help you create a space that exceeds your expectations both in functionality and look.

Have you ever questioned your design decision? Do you know what your style is? Do you wonder if your home is cohesive? Do you have a million questions and if you just had a couple hours with a pro you could figure it all out?

DIY has taken the US by storm, and I don’t want to get in the way of that.  I just want to help guide it, in the direction of integrity, doing it right the first time, and creating something beautiful out of what wasn’t. I want to change the minds of people from what just looks good to what is actually good. Bring back an element of being built to last. All the while being functional to the upmost. I can help make a house a home, a business stronger, or an event truly memorable and less stressful.

Whats your question… I can help.