For Those Blah Days

I have been waiting to post/journal.  I saw somewhere that Tuesday mornings at 8 am is the best time to post.  But now writing this, I realize I have told like two people this thing exists so I guess that statistic doesn’t really apply to me.  Anyhow, I waited.

I wanted to post about the wonderful weekend we had and all the fun stuff.  But currently I have a little annoying headache that is ruling my life.  It’s shortening my patience and blocking my common sense.  I think my baby has an ear infection and the combination of that with my headache is a recipe for disaster.  Her random whine is like nails on a chalkboard.  I hold out my hands to scoop her up and she just shakes her head, no.  Fine.

Do you want eggs? No! Do you want cereal? No! Do you want milk? Juice? ICE CREAM, what the heck child, how to I get you to stop crying?????

Change the subject, M’lea!

What have I been doing?  Trying to be better at getting/keeping this house clean.  Yesterday I went in to our beautiful yet wrecked playroom to clean it up.  It was my first time in weeks to set foot in there.  I moved stuff and vacuumed, moved and vacuumed until it was tidy and clean.  (note to self: don’t vacuum over crayon bits, they don’t get picked up, they just scrap across the floor leaving streaks of red and orange) When I was finished I walked out to find a new mess all over the coffee table and Jo with a green cheek.  What the heck, why do I even try??? Maybe my method of tossing it all in a gigantic pile in the playroom really is the best thing to do.  It doesn’t take much time and there is no resentment attached to it… not like the resentment I felt after all that.

Well, there you go, hope you have a great day… I am going to try and be optimistic about mine but I just have a feeling the way the morning has gone is how the rest of the day will go… We will see.


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