INFP Problems

This sums it up. Im figuring out a lot of what I’ve been struggling with is a personality trait. Something that I can change but I have to be highly aware of it all the time, fighting its impulses.  I’m already tired. My drive to understand myself and my place in this world, not wanting to settle but live out my passions and purpose, being able to write my feelings but never fully verbalize them.  All of this is my personality.  INFP’s make up about 4% of the worlds population with famous people like Audrey Hepburn and Curt Cobain. Yeah… the odds of me being content in my career are slim based on my personality, most INFP’s search their whole lives for their single role and some never find it, the ones who do take a long time to get there.  We don’t like to be tied down by constraints like time and money. Some people say we are neither followers or leaders.  One quote I connected with was “I just want to make things pretty and get enough sleep.”

Not really sure what to do with all of this but I am searching, still.


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