February Self-Care Challenge

There are a couple ways you can do this challenge. If you feel pressed for time, choose one thing from day 1 to do. If you feel as though you are starving for self-care and need as much as you can get do two or all three things each day. The goal is not to overwhelm you but to show yourself love. So if you start to feel overwhelmed, take a day off or pick an easier thing to do that day. Feel free to swap or move days around according to the freedom you have in your schedule and day. You will need a few things to be able to do every thing on each day. They are as follows

  • Journal
  • Colors: crayons, pens, markers, pencils
  • Blank paper
  • Bible
  • Bible app
  • Internet
  • Ingredients for a green smoothing on day 11.
  • Green tea
  • Bright(er) Lipstick

There will be a few that are somewhat vague, that is on purpose. I want you to use your own interpretation, there is no right or wrong way to do these things. If it doesn’t include a length of time, example: turn off your phone, then choose an appropriate time frame you can successfully stick to but also feel the break from. I will probably look over the next days prompts the night before, since they are spread out over the different categories and decide then how I will address them and make a mental note of what is needed.

I hope and pray this challenge creates a new need and love for caring for yourself.

WELL + PLENTY Self-Care Challenge

Physical + Social Self-Care

  • Day 1: Wear your favorite outfit
  • Day 2: Go for a walk outside
  • Day 3: Take a bath
  • Day 4: Get 8 hrs of sleep tonight
  • Day 5: Dance to your fav song
  • Day 6: Laugh https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AZ-HOfQRrMuUvw64XIq2M5rH_V6-A_QPe1yINl0PxbAaKfm4q6ccCyM/
  • Day 7: Try to drink half your weight in ounces of water today.
  • Day 8: Take the time to stretch
  • Day 9: Groom, the WHOLE body
  • Day 10: Try a new physical activity
  • Day 11: Try a green smoothie
  • Day 12: Take in 5 deep breaths
  • Day 13: Declutter or Organize one area of your home.
  • Day 14: Wear bright(er) lipstick.
  • Day 15: Go to bed early tonight
  • Day 16: Light a candle
  • Day 17: Make a fort, just do it.
  • Day 18: Invite a friend over.
  • Day 19: Call someone you love
  • Day 20: Start your day with the hardest task, getting it out of the way can make the rest of the day so much better.
  • Day 21: Clean out your closet
  • Day 22: Buy some flowers
  • Day 23: Draw or doodle
  • Day 24: Wake up at sunrise
  • Day 25: Enjoy some green tea today
  • Day 26: Have coffee with a friend.
  • Day 27: Find your spot in your house, look up Hygge
  • Day 28: Write down your fav ways for Physical Self-Care.


Emotional + Mental Self-Care

  • Day 1: Write down 3 fears, counter them with truth.
  • Day 2: Meditate
  • Day 3: Say “I love you” in the mirror: morning, noon and night.
  • Day 4: Send someone some encouragement.
  • Day 5: Attach emotions to color, fill a page.
  • Day 6: Journal
  • Day 7: Read/start a book
  • Day 8: Write yourself a note, filled with sweet wishes for yourself, place it in the console of your car to find later.
  • Day 9: Write down some of your achievements
  • Day 10: Ask 3 people, one word that describes you.
  • Day 11: Watch your favorite Rom/Com. Cry a little or a lot.
  • Day 12: Fill a page w/ gratitude.
  • Day 13: Turn your phone off.
  • Day 14: Find an album with no words that speaks to your soul.
  • Day 15: Give yourself grace
  • Day 16: Find your love language
  • Day 17: Do something that brings you joy.
  • Day 18: Write a love letter
  • Day 19: Draw a family tree, using color to signify level of joy/tension
  • Day 20: Forgive yourself
  • Day 21: Think like an optimist
  • Day 22: Thank someone
  • Day 23: Thank yourself
  • Day 24: Create a playlist
  • Day 25: Listen to your heartbeat
  • Day 26: Find a struggle, take an action step.
  • Day 27: For every 3 hours have 10 minutes of prayer.
  • Day 28:Write down your fav ways for  Emotional/Mental Self-Care.


Spiritual Self-Care

  • Day 1: Write down what you actually believe about God, not out of obligation.
  • Day 2: Write down why.
  • Day 3: Memorize 2 Chron. 20:15
  • Day 4: Pray for comfort
  • Day 5: Start the In_Securities Bible Plan.
  • Day 6: Thank God for the outcome of something still unknown.
  • Day 7: Write out your prayers
  • Day 8: Send someone a note, tell them why and how you are praying for them.
  • Day 9: Repeat “I receive God’s love” throughout the day.
  • Day 10: Random act of kindness.
  • Day 11: Listen to a spiritual Podcast.
  • Day 12: Memorize Jerem. 29:11
  • Day 13: Ask for forgiveness
  • Day 14: Pray for wisdom
  • Day 15: Pray for your husband or future husband
  • Day 16: Write out the lyrics to “What a Beautiful Name”
  • Day 17: Call out lies you believe
  • Day 18: Repent from believing those lies.
  • Day 19: Choose joy today
  • Day 20: Volunteer for something
  • Day 21: Give
  • Day 22: Describe yourself from God’s point of view.
  • Day 23: Pray for your (future) kids
  • Day 24: Pray for health
  • Day 25: Memorize Rom. 15:13
  • Day 26: Thank God for what you don’t have yet.
  • Day 27: Write out truth about God’s character
  • Day 28: Write down your fav ways for Spiritual self-care.

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