McAlester’s Mini Mini Retreat

mcalester invite

Yes! I am coming to McAlester to do a custom Mini Retreat. How did this come about? Well, after I posted about the first W+P Mini Retreat my mom contacted me and asked how we could get one there. I had to think about it. And honestly I had to do a couple so I could get my bearings. After a couple retreats I was able to think through how best to take this on the road. Working with my mom as the hostess and a few others as key sounding boards, we were able to come up with a timeframe that worked, a schedule and price point that would also best fit the women of McAlester. It is different then what you would experience at my house but I have chosen the high points and made sure the WELL + PLENTY mentality and lifestyle still is expressed with care.

What you will get if you come to the McAlester Retreat: The retreat is being held at the hostess’ home. It is a plot of beautiful land just south of McAlester. The healthy and tasty meals and Enneagram workshop will be held in the house and out on the deck. Yoga will be down at their barn with the barn doors open for a nice breeze.  It will truly be a getaway without having to go very far. There will be a small gift at the beginning and a reminder gift at the end. The reminder gift is something that you can wear or take with you to help remind of you of the experience you had at the retreat. I pray every retreat for a shift in each woman’s life. Maybe they see God differently, or maybe they see themselves differently but either way I pray for a shift and the gift is to remind you of that.

How can YOU host a Mini Retreat? This is still new ground for me but if I was to give a step by step at this point it would look a little like this. I would come to the place where you want to host the retreat. Together we would map out where the events of the retreat would happen. Food, yoga, workshops. If you have room for people to stay we can consider an overnight retreat for you. Then we would discuss food and gifts and come up with a price point that would work for you and the attendees you have in mind. Next would come advertisement. We can always use social media or we can come up with a personal invite that can be sent via email or snail mail. After we have a number set for those that signed up its just the final touches and food. Things that would help is a small team of people, guys and/or girls that would come right before the event to help set up and a small team that could come after the retreat is over to help with dishes and tear down. This is something I’ve done on my own and with help, I prefer the help for sure but it can be done with just a couple people. All in all its a time to do a little resting, relaxing and soul searching. Its to draw attention to our need for a deeper relationship with God and with ourselves. Its a time to learn how to manage our lives in a less self-disrespecting way and to extend more grace.

Read more about where WELL + PLENTY came from here.

Or Email me here with any questions.


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